LVD’s fiber laser cutting machines: the smart way to increase productivity

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A significant increase in laser cutting speed is believed to be crucial if laser cutting workshops are to achieve the higher throughput levels that the market expects. But how can you ensure profitability if the fiber laser cutting machines will be more expensive and consume more assist gas than your current machines do? And how do you assure quality, avoid high-speed collisions and other problems when cutting at these ultra-high speeds?

Faster, more efficient and requiring less attention

LVD’s ultra-high-speed fiber laser cutting machines are designed, manufactured, configured and optimised for your workshop. We provide laser sources from 4 kW to 12 kW, depending on the type of materials and sheet thicknesses you need to process and the assist gas you’re using. An advanced versatile cutting head with time-saving zoom functionality allows the focal point and spot diameter to be adjusted automatically. Special LVD nozzles allow you to cut at lower pressure with reduced gas consumption and at an increased speed. A Smart Collision Prevention feature contributes to further increased cutting speeds, while the extremely rigid welded steel frame and cast aluminium gantry ensure optimum part accuracy over the full cutting area.

In addition to these efficiency-improving technologies, the machines are equipped with a built-in table changeover system and can be further enhanced by adding an optional automatic nozzle changer unit or a compact tower storage device.

Higher speeds, energy efficiencies and automation make your operation more profitable