TAS: speeding up the sheet handling process

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Do your customers also expect your laser cutting operation to respond faster to demand? Lower stocks and just-in-time practices force you to switch more frequently between batches of increasingly smaller size. In this context, workshops need to increase their machine throughput, reduce idle times as much as possible, and accelerate changeovers. In many workshops, the process of sheet loading and unloading is increasingly becoming the bottleneck, because it happens manually using general-purpose tools such as overhead cranes and forklifts.

Automating material handling to boost productivity and response

Automating the sheet handling process allows laser cutting operations to speed up loading and unloading, boost throughput and overall efficiency. This can be done using LVD’s Tower Automation System, a compact single or double tower storage system with automated loading and unloading capabilities for 3015, 4020 or 6020 format laser cutting machines. As a bonus, TAS also significantly improves operator working conditions, safety and productivity.

TAS sheet handling automation can increase laser cutting workshop efficiency by up to 30%